One of the most popular degrees in a bachelor of Science in Fire Safety is 3 years undergraduate online program. This course offers information about basic services at the time of emergency, fire-response medical, all the agencies that are involved to take care of emergencies. You will discover how to build construction, fire protection strategy, prevention techniques, and more essentials of this program. B.Sc in Fire Safety online program will be helpful if you would like to be a disaster preventer and want to protect people from unwanted circumstances.

Why should you join this degree in fire science if you want to become a firefighter?

After joining this program you will be provided with online lectures that will help you to get a position as a fire inspector or investigator and also you can get a management level post. You will be taught about public safety, fire service, and how to act at the time of emergency. You will get up to date information regarding this field that will enhance your skill and knowledge. The duration of the class will be short and you will be able to access it easily.

After the completion of the program, your average salary would be around $17,500 per annum and in India, it is up to 9,50,000 rs per month. There are higher chances for well-paying jobs as many companies like airports, industrial sites, chemical facilities, etc.