Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree program is for those who want to get in-depth knowledge of concepts and advanced education in mathematics. In this, BSc in Mathematics, undergraduate program students will enjoy and develop mental-power to understand the concepts of mathematics. It's a 3-year undergraduate program, and after successful completion, you will get a bachelor's degree that will beautify and enhance your ability. Most of the subjects belong to mathematics only, but here are few names of BSc mathematics subjects Calculus, Geometry, Vector analysis, and more.

Why one should take this specialization knowledge?

The degree in BSc mathematics allows you to explore deep concepts of maths such as trigonometric, calculus, differentials, graphs, and many other essential theories. In this course, you will explore all these things but also improve data analysis, observation, and logical understanding skills. This undergraduate course can boost your career if you do hard work and give proper time to this specialization.


many organizations and companies like Videocon, LG, Intel, Google, Samsung, and many others require these mathematics graduates for the position of accountant, personal banker, loan office, mathematics expert, researcher, etc. After this undergraduate program, your average salary would be 4-10 lacks per annum depends upon your position and expertise in the organization. You should enroll in this great program if you love to study mathematics or maths is your favorite subject.