Bachelor of Science in Microbiology is a program where the students learn about chemistry and biology with modern technology. This online program is dedicated to those students who want to get an undergraduate degree in microbiology. This course offers comprehensive course moles around medicine and medical issues. You will also study several effects on the human body due to microorganisms. During this undergraduate program, you will explore the followings:

  • Investigation about the living beings to examine environmentally relationship
  • conducting a deep study of viruses, bacteria, and more
  • clearing concepts of Biochemistry and Genetics
  • Researching to solve general problems and more.

You will get all the essential resources at your home including online lecture classes that can be taken at your own time. You will be mentored by experts to solve your queries.

After this degree course, you will have many career opportunities like biotechnologies, microbiologists, laboratory technicians, virologists, teacher lecturers, and more. You can have many job opportunities in the government sector. And, many industries like hospitals, laboratories, research institutions, colleges are needed these experts. Some companies like Biocon, Accenture, Wuinties Inc., International Business Machines Corp, etc hire BSc graduates in microbiology. This course can help you to earn up to 10,00,000 per annum, which can increase when you gain some experience.