Blender is a 3D Computer Graphics software. It is totally free to use and open-source too. It is used for creating 3D printing models, virtual reality, animated films, 3D applications, motion graphics, computer games, art, and virtual reality. Blender had numerous features for doing such things easily and fastly, It includes animating, sculpting, video editing, motion graphics, rendering, compositing and many more. This application is written in C, C++ and Python. It can be run on Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Haiku and DragonFly BSD.So, It is an introductory course which will let you proceed through the basics of this application.

If you want to go through the C, C++ and Python courses before doing this one. You can proceed by clicking on C, C++ for C and C++ course above and for Python, Click on Python above. This application will become more easy if you proceed to these courses before this one.