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What you'll get

  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • On-demand video*
  • E-Book
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Certificate of Completion

Exam details

  • Mode of Exam : Online
  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Multiple Choice Questions are asked
  • No. of Questions are asked : 50
  • Passing Marks : 25 (50%)
  • There is no negative marking

Do you want to improve your skills and increase your value as a frontend developer? Then you came to the correct course. Gatsby will let you build good and fast sites with your knowledge. So, increase your knowledge by learning Gatsby and generate a server rendered website.

In this course you will learn the introduction about Gatsby, you will know the usefulness of Shopify, how to query Shopify data using GRAPHQL and design a complete functional ecommerce site by gatsby and GraphQL. Throughout this course you will learn how to use React based features to style the site and create a mobile first responsive ecommerce layout. You will also learn how to design a dynamic cart and dynamic inventory check  for required products.

You will also know how to build the product pages, image gallery, the cart functionality, to build your cart page, to build the homepage and everything related in this course in detail.

Other topics in homepage like:

  • Adding collections data
  • Querying collections from homepage
  • Rendering collections grid
  • Styling the collections tiles
  • Styling the sale tile
  • Rendering the featured products
  • Styling the featured products grid
  • Finishing the product tiles

You will discuss all these topics in detail with a great understanding and a clear depth.

You will require just a basic knowledge of React JS and you should be capable of installing Node and NPM on your machine. You should either have a Windows or any OS.

React developers who want to increase their value, who want to get ahead of the game and increase their skills by learning more than the average developer can take this course. This course is for students who are pursuing computer science, Programming enthusiasts, developers who want to generate and create rapid e-commerce websites.

This course will provide a basic understanding with clear depth and knowledge. You will also be provided with a lifetime access to this course. You will also get many job opportunities after you complete this course. You are also getting a certificate which adds points to interviews for your job. So don't wait further, enroll your name in this course now.

Course Content

Total: 33 lectures
  • What is GatsbyJS?
  • Installing Gatsby and Cloning Our Gatsby Project
  • An Overview of Typography and Styling
  • Using React Helmet to Add Metadata
  • Creating a New Page and Linking Between Pages
  • Introduction to GraphQL
  • Querying Data in Pages with GraphQL
  • Using the StaticQuery API
  • Updating SEO.js with the useStaticQuery Hook
  • Source Plugins
  • Transformer Plugins
  • Welcome to the Gatsby Plugin Library
  • Tracking Events with Plugins
  • Increasing Your Click Rates with Social Cards
  • Making Our First Post Markdown Files
  • Building Our Web App’s Post Template
  • Working with the createPage API in gatsby-node.js
  • Adding the onCreateNode API and Updating Our Query
  • Writing a Page Query in Our Template
  • Importing Files with GraphQL
  • Using Gatsby Image
  • Adding Images to Our Markdown Files
  • Adding a Video to Our App
  • What is Contentful?
  • Creating a Contentful Account
  • Connecting Gatsby to Contentful
  • Updating gatsby-node with a Contentful Query
  • Updating Our Queries
  • Deploying and Hosting
  • Creating a Netlify Account
  • Linking to Your Repository and Deploying Your Web App
  • Updating Your App
  • Upping the Game with Gatsby Preview


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