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Want to discover how you can edit and create text with a lightning speed in VIM? Then this course got you covered!

Not because it is the newest or flashiest, but because it's one of the most extensively used text editors in the programming business. it can be found on every type of system and more importantly it makes it possible to work / code faster than you would otherwise.

Bram Moolenaar worked on Vim for the Amiga in 1988, and the first public version (Vim v1. 14) came out in 1991. The word "Vim" was originally an acronym for "Vi IMitation," but by late 1993, it had been altered to "Vi IMproved.".

In this course you will learn coding using the Vim editor. You will learn how to use Vim at Work and be more productive with coding hours and how to join the elite coders who already use Vim. The topics included in this course are listed below:

  • Entering and leaving vi
  • Understanding the command
  • Moving a file from one place to another, etc.

It is known to be fast and powerful, partly because it is a small program that can run in a terminal. It is mainly because it can be managed entirely without menus or a mouse with a keyboard.

A basic knowledge about Terminal will be helpful for learning the course but it is not mandatory as the course is designed in such a way that the basics will be taught to you. You can take this course on any operating system platform. If you are a Windows user you need to download and install a program. If you are using Mac OS or Linux then you don't need to install anything extra.

The whole course is meant for computer programmers, people learning how to code using a programming language. It was designed for people who have never used Vim and need to learn the very basics to get started.

If you have used Vim before and are looking for a quick refresher, this course is for you.

The whole course will provide you with a solid foundation of in-depth information that will benefit your future employment options which will open up more work prospects for you, and you will be able to see your future becoming more secure.

Course Content

Total: 59 lectures
  • Getting Started
  • Technical requirements
  • Let’s start a conversation (about modal interfaces)
  • Installation
  • Vanilla Vim vs gVim
  • Configuring Vim with your .vimrc
  • Common operations (or how to exit Vim)
  • Moving around: talk to your editor
  • Making simple edits in insert mode
  • Persistent undo and repeat
  • Read the Vim manual using :help
  • Advanced Editing and Navigation
  • Technical requirements
  • Installing plugins
  • Organizing workspace
  • Navigating file trees
  • Navigating text
  • Copying and pasting with registers
  • Follow the Leader - Plugin Management
  • Technical requirements
  • Managing plugins
  • Deeper dive into modes
  • Remapping commands
  • The leader key
  • Configuring plugins
  • Understanding the Text
  • Technical requirements
  • Code autocomplete
  • Navigating the code base with tags
  • Undo tree and Gundo
  • Build, Test, and Execute
  • Technical requirements
  • Working with version control
  • Resolving conflicts with vimdiff
  • tmux, screen, and Vim terminal mode
  • Building and testing
  • Refactoring Code with Regex and Macros
  • Technical requirements
  • Search or replace with regular expressions
  • Recording and playing macros
  • Using plugins to do the job
  • Making Vim Your Own
  • Technical requirements
  • Playing with the Vim UI
  • Keeping track of configuration files
  • Healthy Vim customization habits
  • Transcending the Mundane with Vimscript
  • Technical requirements
  • Why Vimscript?
  • How to execute Vimscript
  • Learning the syntax
  • A word about style guides
  • Let's build a plugin
  • Neovim
  • Technical requirements
  • Why make another Vim?
  • Installing and configuring Neovim
  • Oni
  • Neovim plugin highlights


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