BBA Hospitality and Tourism degree courses are demanding courses these days. As the growth in the tourism and hospitality industry is listing as the fastest growing industry which is impressive. The course BBA in Hospitality and Tourism is a 3 year undergraduate course by Acme Collins School.

BBA is a dual specialization for all the aspirants who are seeking to make their career in hospitality and tourism. During the course you will learn about the advanced knowledge of marketing, sales, tour planning and operation, consulting for holidays and foreign exchange. This online program is fully updated and designed as per the industry's need and also it is student-friendly as we have easy-to-understand tutorials and doubt support.

Also, you will get awarded about cultural differences at your workplace with different roles, strategic planning, advanced information on accounting, marketing, and economics. A few subjects that you will be studying are principles of management and organization behavior, communication English m Destination mapping India, Marketing in tourism, Tourism Impact, and many other relevant and core concepts.

After the course, you can go for MBA in management or tourism or any other specialization that you want. Also, you can be a working professional such as a trainee in hotels, executive search consultants, guest service office, sales coordinator, operation executive, and other professionals related to this sector.

In the beginning, your salary will vary from Rs 1,80,000 to Rs 4,25,000, After getting some industry-level expertise and showing seniority in the organization your earning will boost up. After successful completion of the program, you will be provided a degree that will show your competency and help you to get a better career prospectus.