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What you'll get

  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • On-demand video*
  • E-Book
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Certificate of Completion

Exam details

  • Mode of Exam : Online
  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Multiple Choice Questions are asked
  • No. of Questions are asked : 50
  • Passing Marks : 25 (50%)
  • There is no negative marking
Are you interested in graphic design but are unaware of the best software to do it? Worry not, we are here to help you. Adobe Photoshop is one of the best and time-tested applications used by graphic designers all over the world for graphic design. All those billboards, funky images, and rock band posters you see around the world are designed with the help of photoshop. If you are awed by them and want to learn the same, this is the best course for you. Our beginners course in photoshop is designed for beginners to learn photoshop from bottom up.

You will learn the program with all the basics and foundations covered with practical knowledge along with an unparalleled theory portion to make your core solid and robust. In our course, you will get to experience how all the basic techniques in Photoshop are used.

For example, layers masks, clipping masks, removing background, and lots more creative and interesting features to make graphic designing easy and fun. With us, you will feel confident and powerful to use all the features of photoshop as your weapons in the field of graphic design.

You can edit photos and create all kinds of graphics that you can imagine in your head. Within the first few classes, you will be confident to do cropping, fixing blemishes, cutting out, and moving out parts of any image that you like. And from there, your level in photoshop will only grow and grow.

Our methodology is basic: we center around present and modern cases and we present the best strategies that require minimal efforts yet produce the most extreme and beautiful results. All our projects and learning is centered around taking care of the completion of course and knowledge at all measure of time conceivable. Together, we will be utilizing the most advanced and latest version of the program, yet all the content is clarified for all students, regardless of what variant you are using.

Before the finish of this course, you will have the option to utilize the program easily. You'll feel in charge as you complete progressively aspiring photoshop projects. Regardless of whether you are doing this course for a change in career, considering freelancing for side income, or building up a hobby to keep your mind creative, begin today on your Photoshop course with us!

Course Content

Total: 21 lectures
  • Open Images
  • Get familiar with the work area
  • Learn how to zoom and pan
  • Undo a command
  • Save your work
  • Resize an image
  • Set the Resolution
  • Crop and Straighten an Image
  • Expand the canvas
  • Understand Layers
  • Learn layer basics
  • Resize a Layer
  • Add images to a layered design
  • Unlock the Background layer
  • Learn selection basics
  • Learn how to use the Quick Selection and Lasso tools
  • Fine-tune a selection
  • Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Adjust color vibrance
  • Adjust hue and saturation
  • Learn about adjustment layers


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