Btech in Fire and Safety or Btech in Fire Safety is a  degree program. This course is a better choice for those students who want to protect the environment, people, and property. This course in  Fire & Safety is crucial as people are struggling with fire issues and our nature is also in danger due to fire. One needs to protect against. This course will help you to understand the essentials of protecting people and the environment from fire. 

You will mainly learn about physics, Mathematics, Applied Numerical Methods, Chemical Engineering, Fluid Flow Machines, Management, and more. Besides all these things you will learn about equipment design and getting detailed knowledge of Fire and its causes.  Also, you will enhance your professional ethics, communication, management. writing a report, understanding of supply chain and much more core and subjective concepts,

Here is the overview of the course 

  • Understanding circumstances that are hazardous for us and practicing to solve them
  • You will learn how to overcome this natural and non-natural danger
  • getting experienced with real-time situation
  • measuring effects of danger and management
  • implementing learned methods to help people, etc.
  • During the program, you will learn many modern and essential tactics to prevent this danger.

After completing the undergraduate program in Btech fire safety you will get eligible to apply in defense services, construction fieldwork, automobile industries, healthcare sectors, and more. You may work as a Fire Man, Safety Inspector, Safety Assistant, HSE Advisor, etc.