B.Tech. Instrumentation and Control or Btech in Instrumentation Engineering is an online program with a degree. This is the branch of engineering with a combination of electronics, mechanical, and computer engineering.  In this program you study will be focused on how to design and control automated system. It also covers the concepts of many helpful and industrial aspects that will go to give you a descriptive knowledge of the industry where you will work.

Instrumentation Engineering is a technical course where you will get specialized in fundamentals of instrumentation, industrial management, application programming, measurement basics, metrology,  signals and systems, electrical measurement, etc. Besides this you will study computer programming, the element of the elect, engineering drawing, environmental study,  digital techniques, and many other crucial topics.

This is an engineering course and after the program, you will be an engineer in this field. Being an engineer you will get many opportunities to work. You will get a better job as this is a promising career. As technology is getting advances the more skilled professionals like this are getting in demand. 

You should be enrolling for this undergraduate program which is completely online and curated by experts with comprehensive information and also you will get familiar with modern techniques.  If you take this course and get experienced in your work then your salary package can reach up to 1 crore rupees. That is really good to earn and make your life better.