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Bulk Certifications

There are innumerable challenges that are faced when it comes to traditional learning experiences in today's world. The only positive take away from this scenario is the alternative way of learning that is starting to emerge. One specific method that has paved the way is online computer courses that provide government certification.

With the fast pace of a human's life today, taking out time to enhance your knowledge about a specific topic is hugely inconvenient. In times like this online computer courses have been a great rescue. They teach you the same things but at a much faster pace.

There is an exceeding amount of people who prefer to learn at their convenience in an environment that is comparatively less competitive and challenging. With the increase in the number of people who opt for online courses, there has also been an increment in educational institutions, corporations, and organizations, which provide these courses. Although the only misfortune they encounter is the absence of government certification. This is precisely where Acme Collin's School comes in.

Why Acme Collins should be your government certification choice?

We are registered as well as approved by the Government of India. Hence a certificate from us holds excellent value in terms of influence and knowledge. You, as an institution, corporation, or organization, would not have to worry about authorization and originality. There have been numerable institutions and corporations that have opted for our services and have reported to be more than satisfied without professionalism and expertise. We provide certificates for a countless amount of courses, ranging from short term to long-term courses as well. You could head over to out sample certificate section to acquire a draft of what our certificates are most likely to look like.

Bulk Certification discounts

Purchasing certificates in a large number can be exorbitant, which is why we provide reasonable discounts. Along with our certificates being approved, authentic, they are also well priced. This service allows you to save a significant amount of money as compared to what you would likely be required to pay. The discounts that we offer vary according to the number of students and certifications that are registered for at the same time. The higher the number of certificates needed, the higher the discount. To put a number on it, for 5 or more certifications 12% discount on fees per certification is what is being offered. In conclusion, we offer certificates with high value at well-priced rates and discounts.

Vee Acme Collins School (OPC) Private Limited offers bulk certification for Education Institutes, Corporates and organizations for Skill assessment.

All Certification under the bulk category are offered with good discount

The discount offered varies depending on the number of students and the certification registering for at a time.

For 5 or more certifications - 12% discount on fees, per certification

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