We all know that there's something mysterious about the craft of conventional animation. The way it appeals to our eyes since day one is one of the best feelings. Traditional animation also called 2D animation is what inspires most cartoons and related movies. From tom and jerry and the lion king, all uses 2D animation to spread their magic. It's motivating to see a rough and harsh 2D drawing change into a real character.

The hands-on sentiment of creating movement, feeling, and acceptability from only a couple of drawings is a ground-breaking experience and an experience which many people are passionate to feel. In our course for 2D Animation, we'll investigate the basic foundations of the animation utilizing present-day advanced devices utilized inside the studio condition today. We'll start with the standards of animation to guarantee that our students have a strong establishment, and they can afterwards proceed onward to progressively explore the ideas of development and feeling in their characters.

This is the field to help run your imagination wild. Through in-class projects and practical tasks, we'll present 2D work processes and methods that are valuable to the hidden artist in you. Regardless of whether you're keen on just studying the great animation strategies, recounting your own story, or improving your animated character liveliness abilities, we got you with our expert faculty to guide you on your path.

The 2D business has seen a resurgence over the most recent couple of years. Streaming business’s administrations are eager for professional animated content. Along with those demands, technological innovation is offering boundless imagination, and professional specialists in the field of animation are in great demand considering the return of investment in the animation sector. So on the off chance that you love drawing and recounting stories, there's no better an ideal opportunity to seek after your imaginative energy!

In minimum time, you'll figure out how to animate your imaginative characters like an expert utilizing the modern software which is used by top studios. Concentrating explicitly on the hand-drawn style of the animation of any character, our expert faculty will direct you through activities, offering smart criticism to assist you with advancing as a skilled animator and craftsman.

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Course Content

Total: 33 lectures
  • Introduction
  • Terminology
  • Meaning of Animation
  • History of Animation
  • Types of Animation
  • Computer Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stop Motion
  • Principles of Animation
  • Stages of Creating animation movie
  • Assessment
  • Terminology
  • Introduction to drawing
  • History of drawing
  • Understand the different types of art forms
  • Basics drawing categories
  • Drawing methods
  • Types of drawing
  • Assessment
  • Terminology
  • What is Color Theory
  • Introduction to color vison principles
  • Elucidate about the history of color
  • Understand about Interaction of colors
  • Color expressions
  • Assessment
  • Terminology
  • Why audio is so important in animation
  • The process for digitizing sound
  • Important audio components
  • List sources for audio clips
  • The functions of audio components
  • Explain the considerations when using audio in animation


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