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A well versed and professional comprehension of present-day rationale configuration is essential to all kinds of chip producing, as practically most of the modern-day computerized frameworks today depend on VLSI chips. This course fills in the gap of knowledge anyone might have in the field as a prologue to back-end VLSI structure basics, just as different computers helped plan (CAD) devices and procedures.

With us, you will gain the knowledge of MOS transistors and IC manufacture and create deliberations to make and reason about complex advanced chips which are the future of the digital world. You will also, in this course, find out how to display entryways and incorporate their physical format along with the mastery to approve complex equipment and programming frameworks. Investigate probably the most basic VLSI configuration issues including creation and format, timing, power minimization, testing, and troubleshooting.

Our course is created by expert faculty and it offers a comprehensive VLSI Designing preparing. The broad down to earth lessons and practical preparing gave by VLSI professionals prepares live activities for the students to grasp every aspect of the course minutely. Such a comprehensive and expert-led course has helped many of our students to secure employment in different high-level occupations.

The mentors are subject and corporate experts who know the change going around the industry. They are giving inside and out an investigation to equip you with adequate knowledge to take down any task in this field after you complete the course gracefully. Students finishing the VLSI Designing Certificate Course have plenty of openings for work in almost all the sectors of business involved in chip making and researching.

Further, we have kept the VLSI Designing course term adaptable to just 8 weeks. In this compact timeframe, we are committed to giving you the best of knowledge. Our cutting edge curriculum and experts are furnished with most recent advancements helping the students profit a fruitful design preparing and accreditation from the organization. If you are looking for making a grand entry in the world of VLSI and explore innovative routes to solve the problems or create new technologies, this course can be the first step towards it.

Course Content

Total: 16 lectures
  • Combinational Circuit Design
  • Sequential Circuit Design
  • Design of controller and Data path units
  • State Machines
  • Controller Design using FSMs and ASMs
  • Design Examples and Case Studies.
  • Introduction to Verilog HDL
  • Hierarchical Modeling Concepts
  • Modeling methods
  • Design Verification using Test benches
  • Introduction to Programmable Logic and FPGAs
  • Architecture of popular Xilinx and Altera FPGAs
  • FPGA Design Flow
  • Implementation Details
  • Advanced FPGA Design tips
  • Logic Synthesis for FPGA


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