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Digital signal processing is the branch of engineering that deals with improving and optimizing digital signals so that the performance can enhance. This is an online course to provide fundamental information on digital signal concepts. We will start learning from the ground level and will dive into deep topics step by step. This course allows you to get complete fundamental information of digital signal processing and after the course, you will not only have the theoretical knowledge about this subject but also have practical and real-life examples to people its technical tasks. 

This online Certificate in Digital Signal Processing certificate course is going to help you to understand the digital signal so that to work in related profile independently. this will build up the complete foundation that will encourage you to go advanced in this field by pursuing higher education. Or if you do not want to get any higher education after this course, then this is also sufficient to get a suitable job that matches you.

You will be learning in this online digital signal processing course

  • You will understand the theory part of the curriculum first.
  • Then will learn about the nature of discrete-time signals
  • after then you have vector and vector space topics
  • you will also learn how to do Fourier analysis

By the end of the course, you will know about Design FIR and IIR filters, tables, and standard transform. You will also have an understanding of the DT system, error correction coding, and much more. 

Maximum Duration 6 Months
Type Certificate


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