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Benefits of Certification

  • Government Certification
  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • Lifelong E-Learning Access


As the field of technology is giving next-level opportunities to the corporate world to scale their businesses online. So this becomes essential to have strong privacy to save and secure the company's data. Therefore, the demand for cybersecurity experts is rising with the ultimate percentage. The course certificate in ethical hacking is an online course based on ethical hacking. 

In this course, you will explore what is ethical hacking and how to master this highly demanded skill. Our specially designed course on ethical hacking will give you a complete know-how of how to work independently with renowned companies.

What you will learn in this online ethical hacking course?

  • You will learn how to write a penetration testing report.
  • using kali Linux and OWASP application
  • becoming futuristic cybersecurity experts.
  • helping businesses struggling with cyberattacks
  • learning many other essential terms of ethical hacking to be pro in it.

So, if you want to be well established and packed up with modern ethical hacking terms, then this course is going to provide you the same. This course is the complete resource for those candidates who are looking to start from the beginning and want to reach up to advanced ones.

To enroll in this certification, students need to be serious learners who want to learn about ethical hacking so that to become certified ethical hackers. Also, if you are a technology lover, working in the field of technology. Besides this, if you want to choose a career path like CEH, ECSA, OSCP this course is going to help you a lot.

Hurry to enroll in the certified ethical hacking course.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Introduction Hacking Lab Setup Kali Linux 101 Anonymity Online Dark Web
Module 2 Network Pentesting Gathering Information From Networks Wireless Attacks Post Connection Attacks System Pentesting
Module 3 Attacks On Users Social Engineering Social Media Security Beef External Network Attacks
Module 4 Fake Game Website Attacks Introduction Post - Hacking Sessions Hacker Methodology Website Reconnaissance Website Pentesting
Module 5 Cross-Site Scripting SQL 101 SQL Injection Website Pentesting Tools Ethical Hacking Certifications
Module 6 Python For Ethical Hacking Setup Python Data Types & Structures Introduction Control Statements & Loops Essentials Functions
Module 7 Object-Oriented Programming Modules MAC Changer Network Scanner Man In The Middle
Module 8 Packet Listener Keylogger Backdoor Packaging & Malicious Files Closing & Ethical Hacker's Handbook
Type Certificate


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