What you'll get

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  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • Lifetime Access To E-learning


Course content

Total: 23 lectures
  • The Course Overview
  • Executing Tasks in Parallel with ForkJoinPool
  • Joining the Results of the Tasks
  • RecursiveAction and RecursiveTask
  • Exception Handling and Cancelling a Task
  • Callable and Future
  • Thread and Thread Pool
  • CompletableFuture
  • Sequential Streams
  • Parallel Streams
  • Overview: Publishers, Subscribers, and Subscriptions
  • Subscriber: Consuming Messages
  • Publisher and SubmissionPublisher: Providing Messages
  • Processor: Transforming Messages
  • Threads: Thread Lifecycle
  • Structured Locks (The "synchronized" Keyword)
  • Working with Locks
  • Object#wait(), notify(), and the New onSpinWait()
  • Possible Problems: Data Races, Deadlock, Livelock, and Resource Starvation
  • Atomic Types and the Compare-and-Set Approach
  • Concurrent Collections: ConcurrentHashMap, ConcurrentLinkedQueue
  • Blocking Queues
  • Copy-on-Write Collections


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