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What you'll get

  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • On-demand video*
  • E-Book
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Certificate of Completion

Exam details

  • Mode of Exam : Online
  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Multiple Choice Questions are asked
  • No. of Questions are asked : 50
  • Passing Marks : 25 (50%)
  • There is no negative marking

Welcome to the course, "Certificate in Qlik Sense '' where you will learn about Qlik and its types, how to create sheets with charts, and how to load data from different data sources. So let's get started. 

Here you will learn about the introduction about the topic. You will also learn how to tune your browser to get 1080p HD, download, Install and register Qlik sense and the overall overview of the topic. 

You will be familiar with the Qlik Associative Model too.  You can also identify them and build their data models. 

For learning Qlik Sense which is a Windows based architecture a Windows PC is required. You will just need a basic understanding of Excel and formula creation such as functions like Sum,SQL concepts, for taking this course. 

Aspirants will be capable of identifying key basic concepts and areas of study under the coverage of Qlik and learn why the study of Qlik is so important. You will also be capable of understanding the context of the history of Qlik. You will also begin to understand the importance  of relationships. 

In the end you all will have lifetime access to this course so what are you waiting for to come and enroll your name in this course. 

Course Content

Total: 47 lectures
  • Selection states
  • The selected state
  • The possible state
  • The alternative state
  • The excluded state
  • The selected excluded state
  • Foundation
  • Structure and visuals
  • More about apps
  • Sheets
  • Bar chart
  • Combo chart
  • Filter pane
  • Gauge
  • Line chart
  • Map
  • Pie chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Table
  • Text & image chart
  • Treemap
  • Reference lines
  • Null values in visualizations
  • Field groups as dimensions
  • Drill-down groups
  • Calculated dimensions
  • Common functions
  • Search tool
  • Text search
  • Fuzzy search
  • Numeric search
  • Expression search
  • Bookmarks
  • Streams
  • Publishing apps
  • Publishing sheets and stories
  • Authorization and access
  • Data model
  • Data load script
  • Fields
  • Functions
  • Expressions
  • Master items
  • Story
  • Snapshot
  • Qlik Cloud
  • Direct Discovery


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