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Welcome to the course, "Certificate in Sociology"  where you will be introduced with a brief analysis in the domain of sociology. This course gives a brief on the basic topic which matters in the lives of humans according to our society. The term sociology explains a subject which moves around the values, social interaction, belief, religion, changes that happened in the world, you are also introduced to the structure of the society and other things which are related in a great extent both directly and indirectly to human existence.

In this course some sociological themes were discussed like their Culture, the overall pollution which is dealt by the whole world more or less, their politics and governance. Human rights are also very much mentioned. The education and teaching belonging to its culture, nation. Their industrial revolution, modernization, their population, the administration of public, protest for child abuse and conflict resolution. 

You will just require a PC, Laptop or Mobile Phone, your writing materials. This course is designed in such a simplified and easy way, therefore no special prior or previous knowledge is required.

So this course is for the students of Sociology, teachers who are new to teaching, SST students in high schools, anyone who is interested in this subject, social analyst,Parents, Guardians or anyone  who is eager and wants to know about the Human Society. 

So don't wait any more and get started by enrolling your name in this course.

Course Content

Total: 24 lectures
  • School as Context and Construction: A Social Psychological Approach to the Study of Schooling
  • The Organizational Context of Teaching and Learning: Changing Theoretical Perspectives
  • On the Linkages between Sociology of Race and Ethnicity and Sociology of Education
  • Research and Theory on Equality and Education
  • Structural Effects in Education: A History of an Idea
  • School Effects: Theoretical and Methodological Issues
  • Development and Education
  • The Content of the Curriculum: An Institutionalist Perspective
  • Comparative and Historical Patterns of Education
  • The Limits of Growth: School Expansion and School Reform in Historical Perpective
  • Equitable Classrooms in a Changing Society
  • Connecting Home, School, and Community: New Directions for Social Research
  • The Variable Construction of Educational Risk
  • School Size and the Organization of Secondary Schools
  • Comparative Sociology of Classroom Processes, School Organization, and Achievement
  • Social Systems and Norms: A Coleman Approach
  • Values, Control, and Outcomes in Public and Private Schools
  • Interactions between High Schools and Labor Markets
  • Vocational Secondary Education, Tracking, and Social Stratification .
  • Transition from School to Work in Comparative Perspective
  • Pathways from School to Work in Germany and the United States
  • The Effects of Schooling on Individual Lives
  • Accountability in Education
  • The Fit and Misfit of Sociological Research and Educational Policy


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