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Integration Testing is a testing where individual units/components are combined and tested as group. It is good to find the bugs or error in the software and rectify it accordingly.

What you will have After Course Completion?

You will be able to have Certificate of Completion and Job placement option and even lifetime account access for your study material.

Course Content

Total: 20 lectures
  • Integration Testing
  • What are Software Errors?
  • Case Study on Voyager and Galileo
  • Recommendations for Solving the Problem
  • How To Approach Integration Testing
  • Non-Incremental Strategies
  • Top-Down vs Bottom-up Incremental Test
  • Top-Down Incremental Test
  • Top-Down Incremental Integration Testing
  • Top-Down Testing - Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Bottom-up Testing
  • Bottom-up Incremental Integration Testing
  • Bottom-up Testing - Advantages/Disadvantages
  • Hybrid Strategies
  • Adequacy Criteria
  • Coupling-based Integration Test Adequacy
  • Coupling-based Coverage: Basics
  • Coupling-based Coverage Criteria 1
  • Coupling-based Coverage Criteria 2
  • Couplingbased Coverage: All-coupling-paths


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