Components of Computer System is the certificate course that enables in-depth information about the computer system. If you are new to the computer world and looking for a short-term course to understand this, this course will help you. In this course, you will learn what is hardware and software and also learn their differences. The course allows you to understand OS and virtual memory and an understanding of storage systems and devices. When you start learning on this computer system course, then you learn many essential terminologies. You also learn about the types of software applications, systems, and utilities. 

If you want to explore all the essential fundamentals of a computer. You can be the ideal candidate because it has included in-depth information about the CPU, OS, and how OS and CPU work. The components of the computer system course also allow you to understand who to the allocation of memories and its strategies used in OS. It also includes detailed information about applications like word processing and spreadsheet. Along with this, you will also get information about SSD, HHD, Optical devices, magnetic storage, RAM, ROM, IPOS, BIOS, and much more. During the course, you also get practical examples that enhance your learning experience and enjoy the curriculum without getting bored. All the online resources, including HD videos, are designed in such a way that any beginner-level student can understand.

Thus, this course is short-term and contains fully packed information. After the completion of the training, you will get a certificate. , Moreover, if you are willing to get the information about the same at an affordable fee, take this course and get lifetime access to all the online resources.