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Do you want to learn how computer architecture works for computers to run administration tasks? Computer architecture is a term that generates rules for how computer software and hardware to be joined to work smoothly.

The computer architecture course online is made up for those students who want to understand computer architecture and analyze the IT requirements and technology limitations. 

What will you get in this computer architecture diploma course?

There are several things that we will cover in this online diploma course to make the student understand the essentials topics of computer architecture. This course is packed up with practical information so if you love to learn something then you will definitely enjoy this course. So, here are the short details of what you will learn.

  • Understanding ISA and other concepts
  • Learning how to design CPUs from the very basics
  • You will also learn about the two vital terms is RISC and CISC.
  • The course consists of pipelining and control unit design.
  • you will also understand processor and memory design with the timing issues.
  • there are other vital terms also like SRC and FALCON-A processor.

After the completion of the course, you will get a diploma that you can add to your resume to get a well-settled job.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Module 1 Digital Components
Module 2 Module 2 Data Representation
Module 3 Module 3 Register Transfer & Micro Operations
Module 4 Module 4 Basic Computer Organization
Module 5 Module 5 Central Processing Unit
Module 6 Module 6 Computer Arithmetic
Module 7 Module 7 Input-Output Organization Module 8 Memory Organization Module 9 Assembly Language Programming
Type Diploma


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