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It is a diploma course in animation, it is especially good for those, who are interested in the field of multimedia like animation sector, Cartoon, 3D and 4D Movies.

If you have recently completed your 10th or 12th or even if you are a working professional and have spare time, so you can covert that time into studying these animation certifications. It is very helpful and can enhance your knowledge in animation field.

After this, you will have opportunities in media like magazines, newspaper etc.

Course Content

Total: 42 lectures
  • Navigating Around In Blender
  • Moving Scaling and Rotating Objects in Blender
  • Global and Local Axis in Blender
  • Different Views in Blender
  • Understanding Origin in Blender
  • Pivot Points In Blender
  • Section Challenge - Test Your Skills
  • Create Primitive Shapes In Blender
  • Editing Vertices Edges and Faces In Blender
  • Different Selection Techniques In Blender
  • Edge Loops and Loop Cuts In Blender
  • Subdividing Objects In Blender
  • Proportional Editing In Blender
  • Extruding Objects In Blender
  • Understanding Smooth Shading In Blender
  • Section Challenge - Test Your Skills
  • Understanding Modifiers In Blender
  • Boolean Modifier In Blender
  • Subdivision Surface Modifier In Blender
  • Mirror Modifier In Blender
  • Vertex Groups In Blender
  • Vertex and Grid Snapping In Blender
  • Modelling With Text In Blender
  • Getting Started With Animations In Blender
  • Animations Using Auto KeyFraming In Blender
  • Create 3D Box Opening Animated Video In Blender
  • 1 What is Multimedia
  • 2 Elements of Multimedia
  • 3 Medium of Multimedia
  • 4 Components of Multimedia
  • 5 Conventional Media to Digital Media
  • 6 Applications of Multimedia
  • 7 Recap Basics of Multimedia
  • 1 Video Basics
  • 2 How Video Works
  • 3 Broadcast Video Standards
  • 4 Analog Video - Overscan and the Safe Title Area
  • 5 Digital Video
  • 6 Shooting and Editing Video
  • 7 Introduction to Video Compression
  • 8 Basics of MPEG
  • 9 The Power of Motion


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