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Diploma in retail management is an online course, and its duration is one year. This course is delicately designed for students who want to get comprehensive information about the development and trends in retail management. The retail sector is one of the growing sectors that includes procurement, storage, and supply of retail and moving consumer goods. In this course, the student will learn about using the web to build businesses and utilise communication principles to boost marketing and business aspects. The student will deeply gain all the information with examples to understand retail management and its components from the ground level. 

Why should you get a diploma in retail management course?

Retail management is one of the fastest-growing industry, and it promotes sales and higher customer satisfaction. It also ensured the quality of the goods and serviced that is produced. When the student takes the retail management course, then they learn theoretical and practical aspects of this sector. After completing the study, the student can make a career as ion store manager, manager, senior sales manager, retail banking and retail account manager. After the course, the student can easily earn from Rs 4,00,000 to Rs 12,00,000 annually. 

What do you learn in this diploma in retail management training?

  • The student first learns about the principles and practices of management and marketing management.  
  • Understand customer behaviour and sales management and also read about supply chain management,
  • You will also learn about retail management with management information system and other essential concepts. 

Maximum Duration 1 Year
Type Diploma


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