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The term Infinite Retina gives a deep clear picture of how Spatial Computing works and its depth. The retina is the deepest layer of our eye, is useful in transforming light to neural codes which are then transferred to the brain. This makes the visual recognition. The recent technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality (AR), Visual reality (VR), Computer vision and sensing Techniques are put together with 5G and makes the visual recognition infinitely. These can be put under a single roof called Spatial Computing.

Spatial Computing being the fourth paradigm may look like fiction. But it isn't actually. The older paradigms allowed users to use a computer or a mobile phone, whereas with Spatial Computing one can move inside the computing. Sharing ideas with virtual users who work in a similar world is possible in this area.  The environment will be virtual that a user can touch and talk with the computing or the augmented reality. Further extension will soon be released as research is going on. The sensors may interact with our brain directly without the need for keyboards or so. But, its five to twenty years of growth in the future.

In the other three to five years of time, spatial computing will bring out new perspectives in the upcoming era. This takes hand not only in the computing world but also in other fields like healthcare, finance, entertainment and so. Thus, this is the right time to focus on Infinite Retina and its future. Many companies like Qualcomm, Apple, Facebook are in plans to take out the next step in Spatial Computing. In a span of five years or so a great wave on Spatial computing and its associated technologies will rule the world.

Thus, this is the right time to invest your minds on “The Infinite Retina” and “Spatial Computing”, if you wish to stand high in the near future. Many futurists are on an eye in this Spatial Computing as per the CEO of Infinite Retina, Irena Cronin.

Course Content

Total: 14 lectures
  • Spatial Computing – The New Paradigm
  • Prime Directive
  • Four Paradigms and Six Technologies
  • Vision One – Transportation Automates
  • Vision Two ‒ Virtual Worlds Appear
  • Vision Three – Augmented Manufacturing
  • Vision Four ‒ Robot Consumers
  • Vision Five ‒ Virtual Healthcare
  • Vision Six – Virtual Trading and Banking
  • Vision Seven ‒ Real-Time Learning
  • The Always Predicted World
  • Spatial Computing World-Makers
  • How Human?
  • Epilogue


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