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The Introduction to Automata Theory is an online program specially designed for data science students and data science professionals. This is a comprehensive course that contains all the automata theory in it. This is a great course for those who find many complexities to understand automata theory concepts, also many students think that it can be understood by only those who have strong grips on mathematics.

This online automata course help student to build their foundation on this particular topic. So that they can do further study or project effectively. To take this course you do not have to require any prior experience, as our trainers will effectively explain each concept to spread a combination of theory and practical information.

What you will understand in this automata theory course?

  • you will first understand the automata theory.
  • then we will move to regular language and expression.
  • we will also cover up finite state machine concepts with DFA and NFA.
  • We will make you understand context-free languages and grammar.
  • we will also guide for pushdown automata for context-free language. 

This is a course that does not need any prior experience. And if you are a complete beginner, they also can take this course to make your automata concepts clear.

Course content

Total: 1 lectures
  • Information
Maximum Duration 3 Months
Type Certificate


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