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Do you want to learn data representation from scratch? If there is a yes! Then this is the course on data visualization cum representation you should take. In this online course, you will explore numerous things related to data representation. We have designed this course considering each student who is going to take this course for maximum benefit.

This is the course that contains a lot of information about data representing and exploratory data analysis. You will clear your all doubt in this course. The introduction to data representation course is the short-term but in-depth curriculum that allows students to get more authentic and relevant information in this field.

What you will learn in this data representing online course?

  • You will understand the terms called CSV and JSON and understand how they are used to storing data.
  • You will get extensive information about YAML, XML, and HTML and their usage.
  • There is also a section for the python module where you will understand CSV, JSON, and HTML with python programming.
  • Besides this, you will get information about data visualization principles
  • Also understand number system, complement, overflow, and floating-point.

Though this is a short-term course, you get a certificate as well that is 100% valid and authorized. With the certificate, you can showcase your talent to recruiters to get more attention to your profile.


Maximum Duration 1 Month
Module 1 Data Representation, Number system , Decimal number system , Binary Number System , Octal Number System , HEXA DECIMAL NUMBER SYSTEM, Decimal to binary , Binary to decimal , Octal to decimal , Hexadecimal to decimal , ASCII Representation , Complement representation 1s and 2s complement , 2’s Complement , Overflow , Floating-point representation
Type Certificate


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