Introduction To Dot Net Framework is a beginner-friendly course that is designed to give them accessibility to understand the .Net framework from the scratch, This online dot net training will help you to take your first step into .Net programming. You will understand the key components of this framework. If you enroll in this course, then you will learn one of the widely used ecosystems of multiple languages, libraries, and platforms in detail.

Why should you learn from this dot net course? The reason to take this course is, it is a widely used framework and many dot net experts are serving their services in renowned companies at a higher position. And if you enroll in this specialized course, then you will have real-time practical knowledge that will help you to implement learned skills in your professional workplace.

By the end of the course, you will have the introductory level information about the dot net framework with real-time examples. So, if you want to take a professional course to build up ground on it, then you can enroll in our dot net online training program, which comes with a certification process that is approved by government authorities and valid in many countries.

Course Content

Total: 20 lectures
  • dot net
  • common type systems
  • Common Language Specifications
  • Base Class Library
  • dotnet Class Library
  • Intermediate Language
  • JIT compiler
  • Garbage Collection
  • Application Installation
  • Web service
  • Unified Classes
  • conclusion
  • slide 1,2,3_NET Architecture and Advanced Tools
  • slide 17_ Creating Distributed Web Applications
  • slide 28_XML
  • slide 38_ ADO .NET
  • slide 44_Graphics Control
  • slide 47_Printing
  • slide 51_Reporting
  • conclusion


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