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Welcome to the Introduction to Real-time Streams course. This course is designed to give you detailed information about real-time stream processing. That will help you understand stream processing and master Kafka stream processing. This online real-time data processing training program includes the concepts of the apache Kafka foundation and its architecture. The student gets extensive information to create streams,  design, develop and test the real-time stream processing application.

If you take this course, and then you will understand how to work on auto-generating java objects from the Avro schema definition. Aside from this, you will also learn serializing, deserializing, and learn to work with AVRO. You will get a complete understanding of auto-generating java objects from JSON schema definition and much more. 

During the course, the student will explore the information about using source code, IDE, build tool, and testing tools. The course is fully packed with live examples and high-quality learning modules. In this course, you will understand various other terminologies and have in-depth information to validate the answers and get correct answers to programming problems. You do not need to have any prior experience to take and understand real-time stream processing. With this introduction to real-time streams training, the student gets well versed with the updated information about using the Kafka stream processing library. 

If you are a java programmer aspirants or a software engineer, this course will very helpful because you will get an understanding of designing and developing stream processing applications. The architects and students who want to learn real-time stream are also ideal candidates to take the course. 

So, if you want to understand complex concepts of stream processing in simple language, then get ready to enroll in the program.


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