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Exam details

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  • Duration : 1 Hour
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  • Passing Marks : 25 (50%)
  • There is no negative marking

Welcome to this course "JMeter 5.0" where you will learn how to implement key features of the latest version of this tool to get best results for your web applications. You will also know how to create test reports.

In this course you will learn the overview of the course, their main features, how to create a demo scenario, how to create a test plan, how to set up the recording proxy in firefox, how to read test data and a CSV file. Throughout this course you will also learn how to execute and perform tests with Jmeter and the result analysis investigations.

Other topics like all the components are discussed below are also given in details:

  • Thread Groups, Samplers, and Controllers
  • Assertions and Listeners
  • Pre and Post-Processors
  • Config Elements, Cookie Manager, and Header Manager
  • User-Defined Variables

You will learn all these topics in detail and have a clear concept about it.

You will just require a basic knowledge of the command-line and software testing terminology are required.

This course is for anyone who works with JMeter components to devise a test for performance, anyone who creates tests by recording component interactions. QA engineers, test managers, and software developers who want to performance-test and improve the quality of their software can take this course.

This course is wonderful for intermediate and as well as experienced testers who want to excel in their domain of testing. It also provides an extensive guide for advanced testers who want to integrate JMeter with other powerful tools like Selenium.

The whole course will be taught from the very beginning, from the very scratch. Now it is expected when you are about to finish this course you will be pro at using JMeter in the real world. You will get many job opportunities and after this course you will of course get an advantage. You will be provided with great knowledge, so what are you waiting for? Grab this course now

Course Content

Total: 30 lectures
  • Understanding the Importance and Goals of Load Testing
  • Installing Java and JMeter 5
  • Plugin Manager, Plugins Installation
  • JMeter Main Features Overview
  • Creating a Demo Scenario with JMeter
  • Monitoring Results from Demo Scenarios with Built-in Features and in Grafana
  • Thread Groups, Samplers, and Controllers
  • Assertions and Listeners
  • Pre and Post-Processors
  • Config Elements, Cookie Manager, and Header Manager
  • User-Defined Variables
  • Setting Up the Recording Proxy in Firefox
  • Recording User Actions for Your Scenario
  • Make Your Test Structured and Readable
  • Scenario Parameterization – Use Data from Previous Requests
  • Read Test Data from a CSV File
  • Use JMeter Functions for Data Generation
  • Making the Scenario More Sophisticated – Add Logic Controllers
  • Designing and Debugging of a Test Plan
  • Using the Right Load Model for Your Needs
  • JMeter Tuning
  • Non-GUI Execution Mode – Passing Properties from a Command Line
  • Use Properties in Scenario
  • Save Test Results and Generate an HTML Report after Test
  • Monitor Server-Side Metrics
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Application/Server Side with InfluxDB, Grafana, and Telegraf
  • Test Results Analysis and Common Metrics
  • Framework Demo
  • Root Causes Investigation
  • Test Report Preparation


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