Master of Arts - Hindi, also known as MA Hindi, is a 2-year postgraduate level course. This program offers a wide range of Hindi literature and helps students learn about its hidden concepts to make that life. The Hindi language is also introducing in many foreign countries' schools. Hence the demand for Hindi teachers will remain higher in India and outside India as well. During the course, the student learns about the linguistic and philosophies of the Hindi language. Aside from this, the candidate also studies and reads the history of this language and novels, short stories. The candidate learns translation with a theoretical and practical approach. When the candidate enrolls in this master of arts Hindi course, then they know about general terms, act, Dalit literature, Indian theater, Hindi writing, and much more things. The student understands India with its Hindi language. 

What are the career prospects after completing the MA Hindi program?

The Hindi postgraduate student has a wide range of opportunities in the present world. The reason being the huge job opportunities in government sectors, new channels and publishing houses are increasing day by day. After the course, the candidate will be able to apply as a news editor, news writer, reporter, anchor. They can also fill the form of IAS and IFS to be a part of administrative services. 

Aside from this, the student can also be a Hindi professor, teacher, interpreter, and any other professional related to the field. The average pay for Master of Arts in Hindi graduates varies from Rs 2,34,000 to Rs 4,02,125 annually.