Master of Arts in Sociology is an online postgraduate program that deals with the sociological aspects. The duration of the MA Sociology course is two years. This online covers in-depth information about religion, political sociology, Indian sociology, economic sociology and many other related terms. This course is ideal for the student who wants to learn and discover various aspects of society. In this course, the student gain information about sociology theories, development, and the relation between gender and culture.

Why should you take this online MA Sociology course?

  • During the course, the student emphasises the board of the study about the society and its mechanism in detail.
  • If you enrol in the program, you learn about social issues, including cross-cultural societies, and encourage and develop forces that understand and serve the modern community.
  • This master degree course also teaches about statistics, research methods and their evolutions. Aside from this, it covers in-depth information about modern concepts of sociology.

What are the career opportunities after completing the MA Sociology course?

After completing the master of arts in sociology, the student can work as a lecturer, counsellor, PR executive, marketing research executive, researcher and journalist. These candidates are demanding in companies like HCL, Akshar Arbol School, IBM, Google and many other companies. You will be able to make from Rs 3,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000 per annum with a master of an arts sociology degree. The student can also opt for higher studies like PhD and MPhil. thus, if you want to gather practical and easy-to-understand knowledge of sociology with its modern concepts, then you can take the next step to take this online course/