Master of science botany, a branch of biology postgraduate degree course for 2 years. In this program. This course covers up in-depth information about the structure, evolution, reproduction, and development of the plant with the environment. the candidate who studies MSc botany understands the medical property of the plant. It identifies the poisonous elements of that plant. The course is scientific and contains a lot of information about this field. In this program, the student also learns about the essential course to maintain plant balances in nature.

Also, gain expertise in helping humans by providing food, oxygen, and essential medicines. It also includes modules like kingdom, taxonomy, microbiology, genetics, and ecology. During the course, the student understands research and laboratory work. It is the best course if the student willing to pursue Ph.D. in Botany. And also, the botany candidates can earn up to Rs 4,50,000 per annum. 

Why take the master of science botany program?

  • The student can be a teacher after completing this postgraduate degree program. This course also allows the candidate to work as a data analyst, medical coder, incident manager, corporate communication manager, and many other similar professionals. 
  • The course gives detailed information about the botany sector, like phycology, microbiology, plant pathology, genetics, and genomics. 
  • The course offers many other sought skills that help students go for further studies or start working as professionals.

Learning about Botany is getting trending day by day because it is enabling a variety of career opportunities. thus, if you wants to understand organize foods and other concepts related to botany you can go for this program.