Master of Technology - Electrical Engineering is also known as M tech in electrical engineering. This is an online master's degree training course for two years. In this course, the student learns about electrical engineering, which is the branch of engineering. During this program, the students study the application of electricity, electromagnetism, and all electronic components. The course also includes detailed information about power engineering, digital computers, telecommunication, and control systems. The course is focused on designing and testing ICs, capacitors. Resistors and inductors.

When students enroll in the program, they start learning about electronic circuits, electric waves and understand to develop control systems.  Also, when you enroll in the program, you get an understanding of substation engineering, automation, EHV AC, HVDC, and power systems in detail. The course also includes the power system operation controls concepts in this course. 

M tech electronic engineering course includes subjects like maths, physics, computer science, and project management. The course also covers other components of these fields like electricity generating and transmission. Asides from this, it also enables a deep understanding of other related terms such as electric motors.

When students complete this online post-graduate degree, they get a government-approved master's degree in electrical engineering. After completing this program, the student can apply to companies like BHEL, HAL, Indian Railways, DRDO, etc. if you want to be an assistant engineer, site engineer, or the similar professionals, then this course will be ideal for you. So, if you also want a fruitful career in the field of engineering, then take this online postgraduate degree program.