MSW or Master of Social Work is a post-graduate degree program for 2 years. If you love to care about people and want to make a career in it only, then you should enroll in this course. The candidate gets trained in various aspects of society to resolve common issues. By doing this online course in MSW you will get eligible to work with renowned national and international organizations and NGOs. our course module teaches you beginner level to pro on in these 2 years and with that gained information you start digging the fact to get answers. A social worker after its post-graduation may earn an average of 4,33,000 Rs in India, and it can be higher outside India. So, without a post-graduation course in social work, you will get an internationally valid degree that allows you to maximize your job and career credibilities.

What will you learn in this Master of Social Work course?

  • When you enroll in this online course, then you understand social practices.
  • Then you understand child protection and its various factors.
  • After this, you learn about clinical and community practice.
  • This course also clear the doubt of community development, sociology, and disaster management.