Pay Your Course Fees in Installment

It is easy to pay your course fees in installment. What you have to do is select your course and make payment as low as 25% of the course fees.

Step 1 - Select your course

Step 2 - Contact Us

Step 3 - We will send you invoice for the payment.

Step 4 - Make Payment

Step 5 - Receive login credentials ( Username and Password ) to login your account.

Step 6 - Navigate your entire course in which you have enrolled

Note:- 1. Installment option only be available for courses above Rs.5000/- or USD 100

           2. 1st Installment amount should be at least 25% of the course fees.

           3. Next Installment amount should vary from 25% or more.

Note:- When we received your total fees against the course you have enrolled, you will be given access to take exam.

Note:- It is not recommended for users/candidates/students who are capable of paying full course fees, because if they do so, it takes them time to get their certificate.

Because, It is a manual process of enrolling students in the course and just because of that they are only able to access the course NOT EXAM Until they make full payment of the course.