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Benefits of Certification

  • Government Certification
  • Job Credibility
  • Certification Valid for Life
  • Lifelong E-Learning Access


PhD for computer science is a doctorate course pursued in the computer science and applications stream. The course duration is from 3 years, depending upon the syllabus depth of the institution.

The  Programme is best for those who has science background and want to make career in the science and technology.


Maximum Duration 3 Years
1st Year Computer Architecture, Data files and structures, Complexity and Advanced Algorithms, Statistical Methods in AI, Programming Language Principles, Design and analysis of algorithms, Optimization Methods, Principles of Information Security
2nd Year Operating systems, Distributed Systems, Database Systems, Computer Networks, Compilers, Advanced algorithms for graph and combinatorial optimization problems, Advanced database theory and applications, Advanced image processing, Advanced operating systems
3rd Year Computer vision, Cryptology, Data Mining, Database management systems, Computational algebra, Information and coding theory, Pattern recognition and image processing, Machine Learning: Theory and Practice
Type Degree


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