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Statistics' linear and nonlinear concepts are essential for data scientists and statistical professionals. if you want to be a data scientist and want to be a great machine learning professional. Then this is the skill that you must carry. Our online linear and nonlinear courses will give you the same experience. With all the crucial tactics of statistics linear and non-linear systems. So do you want to learn about the statistical parts? That you will be using as a data scientist then scroll below to get the key highlights of the course.

If you enroll in this online linear and nonlinear course. Then you will understand OLS using R statistical. You will be able to apply machine learning regression models. There are many concepts like GLMS using logistic regression as binary classification. Besides this, the candidate will gain the personalized techniques. That let him know where he should use the machine learning techniques and when. If you want to understand all these linear and nonlinear concepts, then you can enroll in this course. 

Maximum Duration 6 Months
Type Certificate


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