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If you want to solve the common object-oriented design pattern using design pattern knowledge. Then you must have a firm grip on it. Therefore, we designed this course to make it simple to get high-quality and comprehensive knowledge about structural design patterns in modern C++. This course will help you gather all the essential information to solve COODP by implementing various techniques. That you will implement in modern C++ to solve the design pattern problem. This online course will also teach and guide you to deal with real-life issues and tackle them with this approach. And also establish more versatile modern C++ using skills.

Why should I take these online design patterns in the Modern C++ course?

  • You will be able to understand what design patterns.
  • Understand the reasons why this method is applicable.
  • And how it is one of the fastest ways to solve COO design patterns.
  • You will also gather information about different aspects of modern C++.
  • Asides from this, you will have the practical and how to use knowledge.

Who can take this course?

If you want to take this online course. In that case, you need not have any qualifications and prior experience. As the system is easy to understand and contains easy to implement information. So, if you are a student, a C++ software developer, and a data scientist, you can take this course without any issue.

So get the Structural Design Patterns in Modern C++ online course to establish an industry-needed skill. That will help you get an outstanding job and high potential income.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Introduction
Module 2 Adapter Design Pattern
Module 3 Facade Design Pattern
Module 4 Proxy Design Pattern
Module 5 Decorator Design Pattern
Module 6 Composite Design Pattern
Type Certificate


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