Synfig studio or Synfig is an open-source and completely free 2D vector designing software based on timelines. You can create compelling animation programs. If you are a student or a candidate who wants to make a career in the animation field, learning Synfig can be a great choice. Because it has powerful and industrial-strength capabilities to create high-quality vector and bitmap-based animation, this powerful software runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX.

If you want to eliminate the need to create frame by frame, you should learn Synfig Studio to work with it. If you enroll in the Synfig course, then you will learn to create basic animation using bitmap images in the starting. Then you will learn to construct simple to advanced cutout characters of your imaginations. We will work on the animation and creating complex characters. You will also learn to animate your character you design.

In this course, we have also included the module where you will learn to create animation with a moving background. By taking this Synfig training course, you will be able to create your own animation. You will be able to render your animation in many formats such as AVI, Theora, MPEG, and as an animated graphic. The best thing about learning to use Synfig is that it uses many layers of many kinds such as geometric, filters, gradients, and distortions.

During the course, you will understand all these concepts and will also learn about their features and critical elements to focus on it. So, if you love animation and want to create your own animation to make your animation movie, or want to be an animation expert using Synfig. Then you should get this Synfig course and achieve your certificate in mastering Synfig studio.


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