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Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting

Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting
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Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting
Benefits of Certification:- Government Certification, Job Credibility, Certification Valid for Life, Lifelong E-Learning Access

How it works:- Select Course-->Buy-->Get E Learning Access (LMS)-->Take Exam-->Get Certification.
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Mode of Exam - Online
Passing Marks:- 50%
Certificate of Completion:- Available
Note:- No Negative Marking in the Exam
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This ADFA course on financial accounting is a beginner's course to teach the fundamentals and concepts of financial accounting. Right from maintaining books to assessing transactions of your business, the financial accounting course helps people from both financial and non-financial backgrounds. 

ADFA Course or The Advanced Diploma in Financial Accounting is a one-year online diploma course for the candidates. The pre-requisite for pursuing the diploma is clearance of 8th standard examinations from a government recognized institute. The course does not require any prior knowledge of accounting and finance.

The 3-module structure makes it easy to understand

The program follows a 3-module structure, starting from the basics and moving towards the concept fundamentals. The initial phase of the course allows the candidate to learn the computer fundamentals, that proves useful for recording digital transactions. This covers software like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. 

The financial accounting module covers accounting fundamentals. standards and processes. It teaches candidates how to create accounts and pass the accounting entries. Further, it covers the preparation of accounting statements, namely income statements, financial statements, and cash flow statements. It also helps to understand the annual reports and analysis of financial statements.

Maximum Duration1 Year
Module 1Introduction To Computer - Computer Fundamental
Module 2Application Software - Ms Word, Ms Excel, and Ms PowerPoint
Module 3Financial Accounting - Introduction to the Course and to Financial Accounting, Accounting Standards, The Financial Statements and Accounting Process, The Income Statement, Recording Revenue and Expenses, Recording Adjusting Entries, Closing Entries, Preparing the Income Statement and Balance Sheet, Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows, Supplemental A Conceptual Understanding, Supplemental Hey Managers!, An Annual Report, Analysis of Financial Statements, TGS Year 2 Additional Practice Recording Transactions, The Income Statement and Balance Sheet for TGS Year 2, The Statement of Cash Flows for TGS Year 2

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