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This is a long term computer course, divided into smaller modules to help the students gain an understanding of Computer Applications in the theoretical and practical sense. In this course, the students will be taught to work with different kinds of computer applications and become a pro

ADCA Course

It is an easy and a great way before youth to get equipped with a range of computer applications mastery. Needless to say but computers have made their presence felt in every field and arena of human endeavor and when we get ourselves skilled in any such related arena, we can easily find a suitable job.

In the superior arrangement of career paths, we are, a well-known online computer institute has launched this course which is targeted to meet the occupational requirements of graduates who have passed out from colleges in any field but who eye superior career pathways to build a distinctive career. For computer skills, one has otherwise, to do any of the specialization courses, such as BCA, BE, MCA, B Tech, M Tech, etc, but through our ADCA course, one can expect to gain world-class knowledge and skills and can get his skill build on the most exclusive ground, in order to garner rich professional expertise in IT when he enrolls for our online ADCA course. 

(ADCA) Advanced Computer Diploma Certificate Online:

As digital technology has highly developed over the past a few years and our day to day activities are accomplished online, we at Acme Collins training institution, provide online ADCA course to students so they could develop their advanced level of skills in the most superior manner.   

Certainly, such has become a safe, secure, and easy way to enable students to get training in the latest technologies and to get job-ready in just a year of online training with all the latest topics. By remaining at home, graduates can access our training modules through a secured internet way and can get trained right away. 

As we have outlined a unique objective of providing premium IT training as ADCA or Advanced Diploma in Computer Application, we have made a great investment in seeking world-class IT infrastructure, which is safe, secure, and reliable for training as well as for payments and other crucial transactions.

No need to stand in long queues of metro trains or wait for buses or spend a huge sum of money on auto fare every month. Simply access our training package through an internet connection, create a username and password, verify the payment, and start enjoying the premium ADCA training.

Why Should I Take This Certification?

You Should take this certification if you are looking for ADCA Diploma in Computer Application and want to use it for Government Jobs and others, then this is a perfect choice.

Course Certificate is awarded generally when students finish an online exam of the course.


Maximum Duration 1 Year
Module 1 Spreadsheet Application (MS Excel), Word Processor (MS Word)
Module 2 Presentation Software Application (MS PowerPoint),
Module 3 Computer Basics, I/O Devices, Evolution of Computers over the last 50 years, Accounting Software Training on Tally
Module 4 C, C++, C#, HTML, Javascript, Introduction to Operating Systems Windows Family O/s, Basics of Computer Hardware
Module 5 Management Principles (M(S), Software Installation, H/w configuration, system formatting, etc
Module 6 Photoshop, Corel Draw, Office Management Schedule
Module 7 Graphics Designing Projects To Enable First Hand Skill Building, Live Projects For Web Designing And Development from Industry
Type Diploma


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