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If you are eager to learn Programming with Go, this course is what you are searching for. Here, you will be learning very Advanced language concepts with profound knowledge for your further future.

“Go programming Language also called Golang discovered by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google in 2007.It is a highly evolving language in all of the most important tech organizations for its simplicity. It is a statically-typed language having a syntax much like that of C”.

Subsequently it is going to be spotless which will examine it.  As the much-hyped concept evolves as Advanced Go Programming lets understand the dimensions it holds for us. It will put you together until the maximum superior part of Go language in order to allow you to create your very own task: the usage of this effective programming language.

One of the maximum apparent motives for mastering Go is its capacity to conduct in lots of domain names beginning from Web Development to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Go is likewise very famous for cloud-primarily based totally or server-facet programs accordingly presenting you the reducing side era to paintings the area of Cloud Computing.

Go programming perhaps learnt through each person and would not require any prerequisites. Even the path is designed in one of these ways so that each person who is interested in mastering this new language can begin it with no delay.

Two maximum vital motives because one must examine Go are:

  1. It is quite simple to examine. There is a famous saying about Go which states that each person can examine and digest the complete Go spec in an afternoon.
  2. Second, Go is an exceptional performance. It has been designed for automation at a huge scale so Go makes it incredibly clean to jot down high-appearing programs.

The most important tech organizations which have followed Go are Google, PayPal, American Express, Facebook, Cloudflare, Riot Games, Salesforce, Twitch, Twitter, and Uber. All of them have followed Go programming for its simplicity and its effective capacity to deal with high-appearing programs. As increasingly organizations are moving toward Go programming language for its DevOps cause its miles the proper time to grasp this.

This course will open up more work opportunities for you. And you will watch your future be bright and secure. So why waste time? Grab the opportunity and download this course now.

Course Content

Total: 48 lectures
  • The Course Overview
  • Installation
  • Programming with Go
  • Efficient Handling of Input and Output
  • Error Handling Techniques
  • Source Code Organization and Packages
  • Daily Task: Write a Process Monitor
  • Exercise Review
  • Go Type System
  • All about Strings and Runes
  • Function Declarations and Calls
  • Pointers and Structs
  • Interfaces and Type Modeling
  • Container Types
  • Channels
  • Reflection
  • Goroutines
  • Daily Task –Implement a Markdown Parser
  • Exercise Review
  • Aspects of Library Development
  • Writing Algorithms and Data Structures Like Trees and Sets
  • Writing a GitHub API Library
  • Writing a Blockchain SDK
  • Daily Task: Write a Logging Library
  • Exercise Review
  • Aspects of Command-Line Application Development
  • Writing a File Search Tool
  • Writing a Curl Tool
  • Writing a Key-Value Database
  • Daily Task – Write a Stack Overflow Search Tool
  • Task Overview
  • Aspects of Server-Side Application
  • Building a TCP Server
  • Building a UDP Servers
  • Develop a Web Framework
  • Daily Task – Writing an CORS Anywhere Server
  • Task Overview
  • Aspects of Microservice-Based Application
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Issue Tracker Microservice – Databases
  • Issue Tracker Microservice – Authorization
  • Daily Task – Implement a Paginator
  • Task Overview
  • API Gateways
  • Microservice Communication Patterns – RPCs
  • Microservice Communications Patterns: Message Queues
  • 12 Factor Apps
  • Daily Task – Issue Tracker Microservice


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