Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. by crossing the boundaries with natural and social science. psychologist seek understanding of brains and discipline to neuroscience. aims to know the behavior of people and groups. they are classified as cognitive scientific or social behavior. assessment and mental health problems is often a psychological matter.

Bachelor of arts in applied psychology, a type of postgraduate academic bachelor's course. awarded by many countries. it is a four-year bachelor's degree program and the time may depend on the institution as well as the course.  BA in psychology helps immediately to understand the human behavior and mental health of an individual. includes establishing general principles and researching specific cases. in this bachelor's degree, you will be coming through with branches of psychology, history of psychology, research methods, education, organizations, and publications.

Branches of psychology:

Basic psychology science includes abnormal, applied, Asian, behavioral, biological, clinical, cultural, developmental, differential, experimental, forensic, and even health.

Social psychology theories:

Wide range of theories are available for various social and cognitive phenomena. following are some of the theories in the branch of psychology for BA in psychology; attribution theory, cognitive theory, drive theory, motivation crowding theory, positioning theory, self-perception theory, social exchange theory, and so on.

Research methods:

A wide number of research methods are used in psychology. the research method also carries qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative method is where the collections come without statistical order and the quantitative method gives us the collection with mathematic modeling and statistical order.

Advantages of BA in psychology:

It is fascinating to know about the inner working of the human brain but psychology is more than that. following are the 10 reasons to opt for BA in psychology degree:

Need for mental health professionals:

To understand the human mind the world needs more experts. as the world moves forward with technology, more digitalized, people find it hard to set time for themselves and to maintain relationships. this always results in undesirable attitudes, depressions, anxiety. so, having the right training and skill will help to heal the people.

Understanding personality type and diversity of humans:

studying psychology means studying the diversity of humans. you will learn different personality types, each having advantages and challenges within themselves. this encourages and helps you to build up your empathy and perspective towards the human mind and even thoughts.

Different stages of human development:

People behave differently and need different things while living life. they change their attitudes and behaviors depending on where they are in their lives. this helps you to compare children's behavior with adults, and how emotions change with time. evaluating the mental state of clients and a better understanding of challenges that people face.

Room for specialization and development:

There is a wide range of theories and therapies you can go for in the psychology field. it determines which course and which path you wish to take. behavior, cognitive, humanistic, or integrative theory.

Great career options:

It is the first and foremost vocation. practicing psychology includes specialization in many courses and degrees. it helps you to have great options for your career. foremost options are for abroad, which helps you earn more financially and even knowledge. as a counselor, you can even work as your leader or as a part of the group. there is a lot of room and creativity in this course and for development too.

How to become a psychologist

Psychologist leads you to a path where you can help people manage their life's difficulties and to help with their mental illness. to carry psychology as a profession you generally need a doctoral degree.

So, the first step towards this will be completing up the entire degree level that is a bachelor in psychology, post-graduation degree, and Ph.D. degree. psychology programs extend to 4 years undergraduate with addition to 4 to 6 years doctorate. there are no specific subjects in particular but life science and biology is an advantage. because psychology has a lot of focus on the human brain and sensor system. you have an NGF level 4 certificate with an admission point score (APS) of over 21+ points, you are likely to be qualified for a physiology degree.

Salary for a BA in psychology degree holder:

After BA in psychology undergraduate course, you can go for advanced studies. Or, can join any organization where you can be paid from 3,00,000 to 4,50,000rs per annum as a fresher. This will increase as per your experience and role in that organization.