Do you want to learn how to create a perfect relational database? Then this course got you covered! Here you will be taught how to design an effective relational database design using all the concepts and knowledge you will get from this course. You will be taught the basics of the relational database as you can understand from the name of the course.

Here you will learn about the introduction of Relational databases and RDBMS Terminology. Topics in Relational Model given below in points like:

  • Relational Model
  • Base Tables
  • Introduction to Keys
  • Primary Key
  • Foreign Key
  • Candidate Keys
  • Other types of Keys
  • CODDs Rules

Advantages and Disadvantage of Relational Model

You will learn about the comparison of DBMS and RDBMS too in detail. This course is designed in a comprehensive and concise manner so that it is easy to learn. You will learn all the basics about it.

You will require nothing but an Internet connection and an ability to download software like Windows, Mac or Linux. Your willingness to learn about creating a good database will encourage you to learn all these topics in brief and will also help you in your future.

This course is for Software developers or web developers, Programming Enthusiasts, Students who are pursuing Computer science and wishing to know more about database creation can take this course.

When you are about to finish the course, you will already know how to create relational databases and you can identify tables too. You will be provided with a strong knowledge about databases which will enhance your career to be more secure. You will be taken to the path of success. You will get a lifetime access to this course which will be very advantageous to you. You are also provided with a certificate which will act as a brownie point in your interviews. So don't give a second thought and take this course and start questing with Relational Database.




Course Content

Total: 20 lectures
  • Setup and Installation
  • A Database Story
  • Relational Databases for the Naked Eye
  • Database Management Systems
  • StarCars’s Database
  • Database Design and the Design Process
  • Tables
  • Keys
  • Fields Specifications
  • What Is a Relationship?
  • One-to-One
  • One-to-Many
  • Many-to-Many
  • Part 1 – Define the Entities
  • Part 2 – Columns and Keys
  • Part 3 – Relationships
  • Normal Forms
  • First Normal Form
  • Second Normal Form
  • Third Normal Form


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