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Big data is a branch of information technology that handles how to analyze, adequately extract information, and operate with gigantic data sets that are too tough to be studied in any traditional system or with traditional knowledge. And the best software to do that is with Hadoop. People all over the world are loving Hadoop because of its open-source, Java-based framework used essentially for keeping and analyzing big data.

The base of Java makes it easier to understand and learn. As this branch increases its foothold in the IT industry, the number of job opportunities it is offering is tremendous. And it’s a shame to lose out on such opportunities in the modern era and that’s why we have curated a professional Big Data Course just for you.

Our big data certification is created keeping all the modern-day information in mind and giving you in-depth information and hands-on experience of the big data framework using the Hadoop program. In this in-depth Hadoop course, you will perform real-life, professional projects to make your roots strong and deep into the world of big data.

This course is designed by experts and professionals in the field to make you the best of big data professionals in the market world. We offer an in-depth and hands-on practical knowledge of big data and Hadoop certification including essential aspects like the Hadoop distributed file system, yet another resource navigator and MapReduce.

You shall have the rigid involvement of our experts throughout the course to give information necessary to the industry standards and professional practices. As associations have understood the advantages of big data analytics, so there are tremendous interests and opportunities for Big Data and Hadoop experts. Institutions are searching for Big data and Hadoop maestro with adequate knowledge and practical experience on Hadoop along with the best usage experience about HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, and other associated programs.

To accept the advantage of these open doors, you need an organized preparation with the most recent educational program according to current industry prerequisites and best practices. Moreover, you need the direction of a Hadoop master who is as of now working in the business on certifiable Big Data extends and investigating everyday difficulties while actualizing them. In our course, you will get it all. So, enroll now and become a master of this field and avail Certificate in big data and Hadoop.

Course Content

Total: 11 lectures
  • Introduction To Hadoop
  • Distributed File System - Hadoop
  • MapReduce Framework
  • YARN
  • Hadoop Installation
  • Introduction To Big Data
  • Distributed Computing Using Apache Hadoop
  • The MapReduce Framework
  • Hive
  • Apache Spark
  • Visualization Using Tableau


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