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Angular training online is attracting students to learn this skill and be an Angular professional. Do you want the same? This course will bring you the same. Angular is maintained by Google and also its open-source web application framework. In this course, you will learn the essentials of this framework. We have aimed to provide you all the industrial information in this course whether it is about using TypeScript, raw DOM elements, Injection, or any other commands.  

The certification in Angular by Acme Collins School provides you the knowledge of concepts like introduction, CLI, Angular changes, routing, pipes, observables, class testing, and application deployment. You also learn other crucial elements like building dynamic, responsive, and user-friendly web applications.

If you want to become a web application developer and want to create a dynamic or progressive web application. So, this course is a great resource for you. Also, you can build mobile applications as well with these open-source applications. This is also essential to learn if you are getting a job in MNC as a developer. Google itself manages this, but it's a most advanced framework and efficient as well.

Angular is used by many well-known companies as their front end development web application framework. For example, Google, YouTube, Forbs, Microsoft, Nike, and many other companies. After completing this wonderful course you can be a millionaire as in India these professionals earn up to 10,00,000 and $90,000+ outside India.

For enrolling in this course you need to be familiar with the basic programming language like Java and HTML. Also, you are a developer who wants to learn Angular then you can take this course.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Getting Started, The Basics, Course Project - The Basics
Module 10 Adding Offline Capabilities with Service Workers, A Basic Introduction to Unit Testing in Angular Apps
Module 11 Angular as a Platform & Closer Look at the CLI, Angular Changes & New Features
Module 2 Debugging, Components & Databinding Deep Dive
Module 3 Directives Deep Dive, Using Services & Dependency Injection
Module 4 Changing Pages with Routing, Understanding Observables
Module 5 Handling Forms in Angular Apps, Using Pipes to Transform Output
Module 6 Making Http Requests, Authentication & Route Protection in Angular Apps
Module 7 Dynamic Components, Angular Modules & Optimizing Angular Apps
Module 8 Deploying an Angular App, Bonus: Working with NgRx in our Project
Module 9 Bonus: Angular Universal, Angular Animations
Type Certificate


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