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Are you finding the best Node.Js  online course to become a Node.Js developer? Welcome to this online course, which deals with server-side theories and concepts. In this course, you will understand the fundamentals of Node.Js from the beginning. So if you are a complete newbie or have a basic understanding of programming language, then also you will not have any difficulties during the program. If you will face any doubt, then the expert will solve that as well.

Why should you learn Node.Js?

Nowadays, Node.Js is fastly growing in the industry of web server technology. Node developers are one of the highest paid developer because with this web server facility they can build a reliable, smooth and high-quality web application.

What will you learn in this online Node.Js training?

  • Installation of Node.Js IDE & NPM
  • Explore modern concepts of JavaScript
  • Understanding Node.Js event loop
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous function
  • HTTP response codes
  • Learning CSS, HTTP, JavaScript, and Git
  • Building web developing path
  • Building light and fast application
  • Working with data and testing of data
  • Start Using MongoDB with Node.Js
  • Templating and many more things will be taught.

This course will help you understand crucial concepts of Node practically and you will have detailed examples of building websites, microservices and APIs. After this online program you can opt for full stack web or API developer, or start your career in development of mobile or web applications.


Maximum Duration 6 Months
Module 1 Node.Js - Introduction Installing Node.js Installing an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Introduction to Node Package Manager (NPM) A Simple Web Server
Module 2 Serving Files with Node.js - Introduction to the Node.js API Asynchronous vs. Synchronous Functions HTTP Response Codes Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) Types Mini Project Introduction Mini Project Walkthrough
Module 3 Real-Time HTTP Request with Ajax - Introduction to Ajax HTTP Request Methods Dealing with Ajax Requests in Node.js Dealing with Extensible Markup Language (XML) Data in Node.js Mini Project Introduction Mini Project Walkthrough
Module 4 Simplifying Web Servers with Express - Introduction to Express Hello World with Express Basic Routing with Express Express Middleware Serving Static Files with Express Introduction to Mini Project Mini Project Walkthrough
Module 5 Real-time Chat Messages and Notifications with - Introduction to Basic Usage Mini Project Introduction Mini Project Walkthrough
Module 6 Sessions with Express - Introduction to Sessions How do Sessions work? Session Management with Cookies in Node.js Simplifying Sessions in Express Mini Project Introduction Mini Project Walkthrough
Module 7 Using MongoDB with Node.js - Introduction to MongoDB Installing MongoDB Connect your App to MongoDB Inserting and Querying Data Updating and Deleting Data Mini Project Introduction Mini Project Walkthrough
Module 8 Templating with Express - Introduction to Templating Engines Setting up Mustache with Express Advanced Mustache Usages Extracting GET Parameters from a URL Mini Project Introduction Mini Project Walkthrough
Type Certificate


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