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Certificate in AutoCAD

Certificate in AutoCAD
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Certificate in AutoCAD
Government certification * Certification valid for life * Lifelong e-learning access
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Mode of Exam/Assessment - Online
Note:- No Negative Marking in the Assessment/Exam
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Duration - 3 Months

Maximum Duration3 Months
Module 1Course Overview, Get the software, Tips for exam
Module 2Advanced Drawing Objects - Create and work with polylines: Part 1, Create and work with polylines: Part 2, Create and modify arcs ,Create and work with polygons, Work with splines: Part 1, Work with splines: Part 2, Create and work with regions, Create and work with rays, Create and work with lines, Create and work with multilines: Part 1, Create and work with multilines: Part 2, Create 2D isometric drawings

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