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Certificate in AutoCAD

Certificate in AutoCAD
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Certificate in AutoCAD
Benefits of Certification:- Government Certification Job Credibility Certification Valid for Life Lifelong E-Learning Access
How it works:- Select Course Buy Get E Learning Access (LMS) Take Online Exam Get Certification.
Mode of Exam - Online
Passing Marks:- 50%
Certificate of Completion:- Available
Note:- No Negative Marking in the Exam
Ex Tax: ₹3,500

Autocad is a 2D and 3D computer-guided drafting application that is frequently used for a number of applications like creating blueprints for infrastructure, advanced computer chips, and much more. The application of this software in the modern era of technologies is increasing rapidly and people have understood the importance of this skill to skyrocket their chances of success in this highly competitive world. Understanding the same, we have one of the best certificate courses in AutoCAD which will make you aware of the software from scratch.

Our certificate course is of 3 months and in these precious months, we will train you to use the software professionally, and with full expert guidance and practical work, we will make you one of the best AutoCAD professionals out there.

This is the most comprehensive AutoCAD course within the time limit of just 3 months. We shall have self-assessment classes and quizzes to test your knowledge at regular intervals so you don’t forget a single thing you have been taught. With more than 100 AutoCAD command learned in theory and practical work, you will be unbeatable in this field and you can also choose your specification after you complete this certificate program to excel in that area.

All the new features of AutoCAD will be included in these months to make you aware of the evolution of the program and actions you can perform with it. With our expert faculty, you will be given additional project drawings and professional level projects at the end of this course to make you confident in your knowledge and robust on your skills.

This course is a full-length AutoCAD learning bundle that contains practically the entirety of the points that you will ever need to work with this program. The course is intended for a beginner just as much as it is intended for prepared students. A newbie can begin gaining the product directly without any preparation by following the course along just from point one. A prepared AutoCAD student will likewise discover this course exceptionally far-reaching and they can pick the subjects they need to find out about and can skip some of the basics but only after they have been tested for the basics. You will get theoretical as well as practical knowledge of everything. So, enroll now and in 3 months become the champ of AutoCAD.

Maximum Duration3 Months
Module 1Course Overview, Get the software, Tips for exam
Module 2Advanced Drawing Objects - Create and work with polylines: Part 1, Create and work with polylines: Part 2, Create and modify arcs ,Create and work with polygons, Work with splines: Part 1, Work with splines: Part 2, Create and work with regions, Create and work with rays, Create and work with lines, Create and work with multilines: Part 1, Create and work with multilines: Part 2, Create 2D isometric drawings

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