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  • Duration : 1 Hour
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Welcome to the course, "Certificate in Early Indian History" where you can understand what you are going to learn about, yes it is about our India. Ever wondered how one sixth of humanity lives in India, the story behind our immense diversity? Curious about a variety of events which changed our India?

If you are an Indian who is trying to know, explore and understand about your own country or Non-Indian who is interested to know about India you are welcome to this course and this course will be perfect for you.

There are many sources in Ancient Indian History like Literary and Archeological records which are the two main categories that give evidence of Ancient Indian History.

You can complete this course in no time. This course is a very concise and comprehensive course designed in such a way that everything is mentioned in detail here.

This course has no prerequisite requirements; just learn this course with an open mind.

This course is for Indians, foreigners who are curious about India, who travels to India, students and executives who are managing Indian employees or anyone can take this course.

Do you know how old is India? Do you know who wrote Indian history? Do you know who the founder of India was? Do you know the origin of India? Do you know how many types of sources there are in India? And when did the history of India start? To know, understand and to answer all these questions you need to take this course so don't wait further and take this course now and get started

Course Content

Total: 47 lectures
  • Did we really have to come from elsewhere?
  • The logic of genetics
  • Dating ‘Out of Africa’
  • The right climate
  • At the gates of Asia
  • Breakthrough at the Gate of Tears
  • The race through Asia
  • The southern petal of Jambudvipa
  • Up against our cousins
  • For a glimpse of the First Indians, look in the mirror!
  • Masters of all they see
  • Miracle in Mehrgarh
  • West Asian parallels
  • Route to Mehrgarh
  • The story that DNA tells
  • The first method: Y-chromosome and mtDNA
  • The second method: Whole genome data
  • The third method: Ancient DNA
  • So what did it find?
  • A civilization like no other
  • Public infrastructure, not private palaces
  • From farmers to city dwellers
  • The Uruk example
  • Key questions
  • The language of the Harappans
  • Genetic and archaeological evidence
  • Proto-Zagrosian and Proto-Dravidian
  • Deciphering the Harappan script
  • The route to the south
  • Austroasiatic-language speakers
  • Out of India is out of the reckoning
  • Genetic signature of the ‘Aryans’
  • Steppe migrations: Step by step
  • Who were the Yamnaya?
  • East, west and east again
  • Parallels between south Asia and Europe
  • After the decline
  • Harappans and the Vedas: Disconnect and connect
  • Horse sense on Harappa
  • Remnants of a civilization
  • The Corded Ware example
  • A multi-source civilization, not a single-source one
  • Aryavarta and Magadha
  • A period of achievements and adventures
  • This was not inevitable
  • Common questions, multiple answers
  • So who are we Indians, really?


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