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Computer architecture refers to a carefully designed to solve problems, stay working for the long term, and also offers higher performance to a user. In fact, computer architecture is a set of rules that defines how the software and hardware will be joined with the help of technology to perform a task with the computer. This course covers the fundamentals of computer architecture and other advanced-level topics. You should learn PC architecture

What you will explore in this online program of computer architecture?

In this course, you will learn many essential topics as follows:

  • Introduction of important concepts
  • Design of the CPU
  • Learning about RISC and CISC architectures
  • designing a control unit
  • understanding computer arithmetics
  • learning about simple processors
  • Theory of pipelining
  • designing a modern memory system
  • Also, learning about assembly language and many other relevant topics.

Also, this course is advisable for those who are professionals like computer engineers, electronics engineers, computer architecture, or a compiler writer. You should take the course because by the end of the course you will have an understanding of modern computing systems and design as well. You will also able to design modern and complex microprocessor's computer architectures. In the future, you can get opportunities to work with Intel, AMD, IBM, Apple, and many other companies related to computer architecture.

Course content

Total: 1 lectures
  • Information
Maximum Duration 6 Months
Type Certificate


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